miak (miak) wrote,

The Scorpion and the Toad

A scorpion and a toad encountered each other on the road, and travelled together for a while, recognizing in each other the kindredness they shared.

They reached the bank of a river, and the toad asked, “would you cross the river with me?” The scorpion said, “I cannot – it is not my nature.”

So they bid each other farewell as they each continued on their way – the toad leapt into the river, as the scorpion scurried along the river bank.

The toad turned back, looking as the scorpion disappeared from its view, feeling as though a part of its heart was missing. “Ah,” the toad thought. “That is the nature of the scorpion.” The toad felt the ache in that empty space in its heart – not the ache of a thousand shards of glass, but the ache of a dying dream. And the toad thought to itself, “And this, this is my nature.”
Tags: prose, reflections
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